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Born and raised in El Paso, Texas through high school; I traveled to Fort Lauderdale, FL and graduated with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Upon soul searching, I realized I was missing something in life and  decided to attend New England School of Photography in Boston, MA. I graduated from there in 2011 with specialization in Visual Journalism and Editorial.  Since then I have pursued special event photography shot with a documentary style eye. 


I have learned over the years that it is important to tell a vivid story through each still photograph.  I have been honored with many opportunities to share special events, experience ceremonies of love, and document a variety of performing artists all over the world. Each special event allows me to take a peak into other folks lives during their most jovial moments. It is important for me to let them enjoy their life experiences while I create photographs to tell their story through both posed and candid photos. It is my passion to create colorful storybooks about each moment I photograph.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like your story to be told or have any other questions.






p.s.  Meet Twitch (the dog)

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